Literacy Narrative/Autobiography

Peer review: Begins Wednesday, February 5
Final draft: Monday, February 10
Length: 750+ words
Multimodal: At least one picture you’ve created or in which you’re the subject. Other modes (e.g., video you’ve made or in which you’re the subject) are welcome.


In a nutshell

Create a literacy narrative using text you write, images you make, and (optionally) video you shoot. You’ll deploy this narrative as a page on your WordPress site or as a self-contained Weebly site. If you develop a Weebly site, it must be linked to your WordPress site.

This assignment corresponds with the first bullet point in the Personal Essay Assignment on p. 27 of Writing and Community Action.

Starting the Process

Pay close heed to pp. 27-29 and 59-64 in Writing and Community Action. These pages provide guidance for developing a compelling narrative.

Begin by considering your history as a reader, writer, or competent performer. Mine your memory for important moments and situations that helped you develop your sense of value regarding reading, writing, or other area of performance. Think about who helped you to develop your competence. Think about key episodes that impacted your becoming a competent reader, writer, or member of a community of practice.

Jot down everything you can remember about the key episodes in your journey to competence. What do you remember about the people who helped you? What did they look like? How did they speak? Where did you do your learning? Can your remember what the space sounded like? How did it appear? What tools did you use? How did they help you?

As you make your notes, think about how pictures or video might help you paint a vivid picture of the episodes for your readers.

Completing your draft

Your blog post for Friday, January 31 will be a draft of the first few paragraphs of your narrative.

On Friday, February 7, we will share the results of our peer edit in class. You need to have a complete draft of your literacy narrative ready by Wednesday, February 5 so that two of your classmates can review your work online. The draft should include

  • At least one picture or video that you have made or that includes you as a subject.
  • Captions for each image/video that explains what it shows and how it is related to the narrative.