Monday, April 14


Lessig, Lawrence. Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy. PDF pages 47-59 (note that these are not the actual page numbers in the book). The assignment is to read Chapter 1: “Cultures of Our Past” and Chapter 2: “Cultures of Our Future.”


Come to class having selected images and videos for your pitch video.

Discussion Questions

  1. Explain why the invention of the player piano and the phonograph were watershed moments in the history of (intellectual) property. Name two or three other moments you believe to be on par with these.
  2. Summarize Sousa’s argument about the importance of amateurism and his critique of “these infernal machines.”
  3. What are the differences between Read Only (RO) culture and Read/Write (RW) culture? Describe the development of RO culture through the twentieth century.
  4. Which of these cultures do you feel more closely connected with? Why?