Community Action Proposal and Campaign

Leveraging the in-class writing we did before break (“Responding to Reading” question number 4 on p. 263), 1) develop a proposal designed to help solve a campus or community problem and 2) transform that proposal into an unpublished (for now) Indiegogo campaign.

Proposal Peer Edit (Completely In-Class): Wednesday, April 9

Proposal Final Draft: Friday, April 11

Indiegogo Campaign Final Draft: Wednesday, April 23

Proposal Description: This practical (as opposed to policy) proposal should have a manageable scope and should request funding for a project. The audience for this proposal is a group you envision as potential funders, but who are conservative and need to be convinced that change is necessary.

Consider this proposal as an argument addressing this audience. Though the proposal will have a number of sections addressing parts of the project, these sections should transition easily into each other, making use of information in the previous section to advance the claim that the project should be undertaken and that the audience should help pay for it.

As we’ve discussed in class, you need to include the following sections.

State and substantiate the problem you’re trying to solve. Include substantiation data designed to convince someone who thinks the status quo is just fine that there really is a problem. If you can’t find the data you need to substantiate the problem, explain what kinds of data you need and  how you would gather that data. Include any history about the situation you believe necessary to educate your audience.

Proposed Solution
Explain how you plan to solve the problem, including concrete details about implementing your solution. What steps will you need to follow to implement the plan or complete the project?

Identify the benefits you expect to accrue from your solution. Explain why your solution is better than other actions (or non-actions, like maintaining the status quo) that might solve the problem. Remember the reading we did about claim types!

Detail the expenses for the project in a reader-friendly worksheet. Include notes/references about where you got the costs associated with your budget. You can format these notes/references in the way we discussed in class.

Evaluation Plan
Explain how you will determine if the project is a success. Identify concrete metrics associated with your substantiation of the problem. How will you gather this evaluation data?

Format: You’ll develop this proposal using a word processor, but that shouldn’t keep you from including visuals (with captions!) that might help the audience understand the problem or proposed solution. Separate the sections with headings, and single space your text. Make sure to include page numbers. You can use other techniques to make your document more attractive if you like. You should submit your work as an MS Word document or a PDF file attached to a blog post on your personal website.

Indiegogo Campaign: Due Wednesday, April 23

Repurpose/remix your proposal so that it works as an Indiegogo campaign. This part of the assignment requires that you carefully consider which pieces of your proposal text will work for online presentation targeting potential funders who are browsing the Indiegogo site. Don’t just copy and paste your entire proposal into the pitch textbox! At the very least you will need to

  • Develop a “small image” to serve as a project badge or logo. You might use Pixlr or another free online image editor to develop this badge/logo. This logo should include an image and some text you add.
  • Adapt your proposal text for online readers based, in part, on the section headings suggested by the Indiegogo site.
  • Develop a video slideshow or video to include as part of your project pitch. Upload this video to a hosting platform (e.g., YouTube) and link it to your campaign. You can remix images and videos that are available under a creative-commons license or you can shoot and edit your own video. This video should be between :06 (yes, Vines are okay) and 2:00 in duration and should have accompanying music or voice over (or both).
  • Develop a list of at least two perks you’ll distribute to people who support your project.

To submit this assignment, make me a editing team member of your campaign. You can make me a member by typing into the “Invite Member” box toward the bottom of the page called “3. Enhance Your Campaign.”


Consider these resources a starting point. You can find dozens of websites that will advise you about slide shows and movie making.