Capstone Portfolio and Reflection

Due Date: Tuesday, May 6 by 3:00 PM (our exam time)

We will meet during the exam time during which we’ll view the portfolios. You’ll share your insights about how the reflective essay enabled you to think about Project SHINE in terms of our course learning outcomes.

Your final assignment is to organize your personal site for this course into an easy-to-navigate portfolio. The front page of the portfolio should provide some biographical information about you and serve as a guide for site visitors who want to understand more about what you’ve done in the course. That means you’ll need to inform readers about the objectives of the course and your experiences in fulfilling them. You will also need to tell readers a little about how your site is organized.

Then, on a new WordPress page linked to your portfolio, compose a reflective essay in which you address the following prompt.

Using concrete examples from your own writing and vivid (but not overwrought) description from your work with Project SHINE, explain how you have progressed toward achieving at least three of the course outcomes listed below. This essay should be longer than 500 words. The essay should appear as body text on the WordPress page, but you should also upload an MS Word version of the essay to the page. For the WordPress version, consider linking to your other pages, posts, and sites as a means of marshaling evidence about your learning.

  • Describe the ways in which participation in a community transforms members.
  • Describe the relationships among scholarly definitions of identity, literacy, and community and support this description with personal experience gained from community-engaged learning.
  • Characterize a community via an analysis of its history, members, practices, and artifacts.
  • Use writing and reading for inquiry, learning, thinking, and communicating.
  • Apply academic writing conventions, including organization, development, style, incorporation of materials from sources, grammar, formats, and documentation.
  • Use electronic environments for drafting, reviewing, revising, editing, and sharing texts.

In the conclusion to this reflective essay or perhaps as a future-facing coda, describe at least one way you could envision using the web domain you established in this course in the future. Use your imagination!