Community Analysis

Additional important details about this assignment appear on p. 96 in Writing and Community Action.

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Final Draft: Wednesday, March 19

Develop a website (a subdomain of WordPress or an instance of Weebly) that documents the workings of a community of practice of which you are a part or about which you’re curious. Central to this project is your representation and analysis of the artifacts, language practices, and tensions that characterize the community. Note that this community cannot be the one with which you’re engaged via project SHINE.

The audience for this website is someone who is interested in learning more about this community, but who doesn’t currently have access to any of its members or artifacts.

To successfully complete this assignment, you’ll need to interview at least one community member. Develop a set of interview questions that will help you define the salient features of the community’s language practices and use of artifacts.

Important considerations

  • Don’t just publish your interview data in question and answer format. Summarize, paraphrase and quote information from the interview where you think it will best help support your analysis of the community. In short, use interview data as a primary source and include information from that interview using the “quote sandwich” technique we talked about in class. (If you need a refresher, look here and especially here.)
  • You need to link consent forms for the people you’ve interviewed to the site or hand them in.
  • This assignment needs to have over 900 words of alphabetic text, not including documentation of your sources (which needs to be done in MLA format). Remember, you need to list the interview as one of your sources.

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